The dynamic of the crypto showcase has significantly changed since the time Mar. 12’s Bitcoin streak crash, during which the market capitalization of the space lost right around 50 percent inside a 24-hour time range.

Information shows that BitMEX, a top digital currency subsidiaries trade, has been particularly influenced by the move, with clients apparently deserting the stage for elective trades.

BitMEX drops out of top 3 Bitcoin subsidiaries trades

As indicated by information shared by Joe McCann, a conspicuous crypto dealer and AI/cloud master at Microsoft, as of Mar. 29, the revealed volume of BitMEX’s subordinates (from Bitcoin to the altcoin sets) was passed by the announced volume of the subsidiaries on Binance, OKEx, and Huobi Global.

Actually, per the information, BitMEX’s agreements have seen $1.46 billion worth of exchanges in the course of recent hours while Huobi, the top subordinates stage, has seen $2 billion worth of agreements exchanged — a distinction of almost 37 percent.

This is a huge move from BitMEX’s supremacy, embodied by the exchanging day during which the trade saw over $16 billion worth of exchanges a solitary day, a large portion of which were of the company’s leader item, the Bitcoin never-ending swap.

he recent drop-off in the usage of BitMEX’s contracts has been corroborated by data from crypto analytics site TokenAnalyst, which shows that over the past two weeks, here’s been more Bitcoin withdrawn from BitMEX than there has been deposited, resulting in a net flow of -67,000 BTC (valued at over $400 million), per rough calculations.

There are many reasons to explain why this trend could be taking place, including the rumors that the exchange is about to add KYC support, which has been somewhat proven by a job listing from the exchange asking for an AML Manager. Some have also chalked the exchange’s purported decline to the fact that it was subject to a DDoS attack on Mar. 12, which was literally when the volatility in the market peaked and investors were most susceptible to liquidation.

BitMEX’s website traffic is growing

Contradicting this, however, data from Amazon’s Alexa web tracker suggests that BitMEX has been getting more clicks since the crash, with its “global internet engagement” ranking rising from 35,192 as of Mar. 12 to 34,532 as of Mar. 27.

Though, the Alexa ranking of a site isn’t 100 percent based on the number of views a site gets, potentially accounting for the deviation between the decreasing volume and the rising website ranking.

source: cryptoslate

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